Rental Resume

Let us do the hard work. Build your Rental Resume.

What is a Rental Resume?

A Rental Resume is an online, printable document that allows tenants to tell their story. It also gives landlords an idea of who tenants are, and what they're looking for. A job resume highlights everything that makes you the perfect candidate for a job, a Rental Resume highlights why you're the perfect renter.

How does a Rental Resume work?

Step 1.

After creating an account, you can create your own Rental Resume by filling out the fields and creating a wish list.

Step 2.

Once your Rental Resume is submitted to our database, you'll be notified of any matching listings.

Step 3.

As landlords post new listings, you'll continue to be notified via email when new listings match your wish list.

Step 4.

If you love a listing, simply click to submit your Rental Resume to the landlord.

Step 5.

After the landlord reviews your Rental Resume and determines you're a match, they will contact you to schedule a viewing.

Step 6.

Move in!

Who uses a Rental Resume?

Both renters and tenants use a Rental Resume. Renters create a Rental Resume, while landlords use the Rental Resumes they receive to determine the best fit for their listing.

Benefits of a Rental Resume?

Building a Rental Resume is the most efficient way for tenants to find their perfect home, and renters to find their perfect tenant. It allows tenants to put their exact needs on paper, while our system works to match them with their perfect place. A Rental Resume also screens potential tenants, so renters don't have to spend time on those who don't fit their criteria.

Preview of a Rental Resume

Rental Resume Preview