Renter FAQs

Is it free to search?

Yes. You can search, and create an account for free.

How do I create an account?

 On the homepage simply click the 'Join' button in the top right corner of your screen, and you'll be guided through the process of creating an account.

What is the dashboard page on my account?

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of everything going on in your account. Here you'll be able to access and edit your Rental Resume, view sent requests, favourite listings, and renter resources.

Q.How do I create a Rental Resume?

After creating an account, you can access and create your resume by clicking 'My Account' in the top right of any page, then selecting 'My Resume' from the dropdown menu. You'll then be guided through the steps to fill out your Rental Resume. You can edit, or review your resume any time by following the same steps, or by choosing the 'Edit Resume' option on your account dashboard page.

How do I search using my Rental Resume?

Once you create a Rental Resume, and it's uploaded to our database, you will automatically be alerted to listings that match your wish list. If you like any of those listings, you can have your resume sent to the landlord for approval. When using the filter, or map search options, you can also send your Rental Resume to landlords when you find a property you like.

How do I search using the filter option?

You can search for a rental with our filter option by entering a city, neighbourhood, or postal code in the search bar, or by clicking 'view listings' on any page of the site. You can include your minimum and maximum rent, preferred number of rooms, and number of bathrooms. If your needs are a little more specific, feel free to use the advanced search to narrow down your choices. Each listing will display a percentage, which tells you how closely the property matches your needs.

How do I search using the map?

You can start by entering your city, neighbourhood, or postal code in the search bar, then click the map icon when the search results are populated. You can also click the 'Browse Map' button from any page on the site, which will then allow you to enter your criteria. Here you can use the Pin Drop feature, which will show listings around a specific location of your choosing. The Polygon feature allows you to draw the area you want to live in, then shows listings in that area. You can also add layers to the map to display things like schools, transit, parks, or hospitals.

How do I contact a landlord?

If you find a place you like, simply go to the listing and you'll see an option to contact the landlord at the top of the listing. If you have a Rental Resume and send it to the landlord, you'll be able to use the chat option once your request is approved by the landlord.

How do I know the status of my rental request?

You can view the status of any requests by going to 'My Account' and selecting the 'Sent Requests' option. Here it will show any listing you have requested, the status of your request, and will include the landlord email and phone number if you've been approved. You can also view the details of each request by selecting 'View' from the 'Actions' dropdown menu. Here you'll also find any comments the landlord may have left for you regarding your request.

What should I do if I find a listing that appears to be a scam?

If you feel that a listing may be a scam, please contact us as soon as possible. On each listing page, below the property photos, you will find a button to report the listing. This will prompt you to give your information and your reason for reporting the listing.

Where can I find information on tenant laws or other resources?

At the bottom of any page under 'Renter' you'll find links to things like renters insurance, or tenant laws. You can also find links to any resources you might need on your account dashboard page.

Landlord FAQs

How do I list a property?

First, create an account with us. Then simply click on the 'My Account' button in the top right of your screen and select 'List a Property'. You can also do this from your account dashboard. You'll then be taken to the pricing page where you can pick the listing package that works best for you. After you've selected your listing package, you'll be taken through the steps to list your property. We also allow you to list multiple units in a single property at once.

What is the dashboard page on my account?

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of everything in your account including recent requests, your listings, recent payments, and landlord resources.

How do I see how many people viewed my listing?

Select 'Requests' from the 'My Account' dropdown menu. You'll be taken to your listings that currently have rental requests. Here it will show you the number of requests for each listing, as well as the number of views. You can also view this information from your account dashboard.

How do I relist a property?

Once you've listed a property the first time it will be saved to your account. You can view your listings and their current status by selecting 'My Listings' from the 'My Account' dropdown menu. There is a dropdown for each listing where you can select 'Relist', which will reactivate the listing without you having to re-enter all of the information.

What are the prices to list a property?

You can find our pricing options on our pricing page.

How do I edit or change my listing?

You can view or edit any listing by selecting 'My listings' from the 'My Account' dropdown menu. Here you'll be able to view, edit, or change the status of any listing you have. This can also be done from your account dashboard page.

How long will my listing be active for?

Single Listing - 60 Days. Unlimited Listing - Until unit is filled

Where can I view payment history for my listings?

You can view your payment status, and history by selecting 'Payment History' from the 'My Account' dropdown menu. Here it will show you the date, amount, payment method, and status of each payment. You can view the details of each invoice from here as well.